Al-Beruni belongs to Afghanistan!

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I glad to read about the life of a great scientist Al-Beruni (973-1048 AD). He was one of the famous scientists of the Islamic world. He was a prolific writer and wrote more than 150 books on various aspects of life including mathematics, physics, astronomy, geography, cosmology, archaeology, history, geology, biology, chemistry, culture and civilization and comparative religion. He discussed the behavior of moon, earth, sun and planets in one of his book named “Qanoon Almasudi”. He elaborated a method for determination of longitude and latitude of a place on earth. The most surprising thing that clicked my mind and heart that He was born in our brother country, the Afghanistan.

Whenever we talk about terrorism, there arises a hot issue according to “Taliban” from Afghanistan. Although there is no surety about this hearsay evidence but the question is why only Taliban from Afghanistan? Why it is not producing scientists like Al-Beruni? No doubt Mohammad Shafiq Hamdam and Abdul Karim Mustaghni are the famous and honorable scientists from Afghanistan. But, I should say there is a need of scientist like Al-Beruni who can change the fate of his country by lifting bad comments from all over the world and turned them into adorable and peaceful comments about their one of the most beautiful country of the world, the Afghanistan. A need of awareness and a little struggle for producing helping hands can change the cruel world into peaceful heaven.

Sadar Aslam

Time for change!


Good to hear the news in Dawn Lahore, Wednesday July 22, 2015 that the Turkmenistan is the world’s most non-smoking country and only 8 per cent of the population smokes there according to World Health Organization (WHO). In Pakistan, tobacco smoking is legal but under certain circumstances it is banned. According to the Pakistan Demographic Health Survey, 46 per cent men and 5.7 per cent women smoke tobacco. It is more ashamed and embraced thing that Pakistan comes under the highest consumption of tobacco in South Asia.  The farmers and youth of Pakistan are more habitual of tobacco than other population. Pakistanis burnt their Rs250 billion to ashes through smoking of over 64bn cigarettes in the financial year FY14, disclosed a State Bank report recently issued. Turkmenistan banned smoking in public places, state buildings and the army, as well as all forms of tobacco advertising while in all country we see gold leaf and other types of cheap cigarettes in expensive and magnificent advertisements and also we see people smoking and consuming sheesha in our Pakistani dramas and films with a label, “Smoking is prohibited or smoking is dangerous for health”.  The question is if we really know that it is dangerous then why we are going on to advertise it and why we don’t ban on it in real way by closing these companies forever? There is also a ban on consuming sheesha according to the health ordinance 2002 but 14 young students of intermediate sent to jail on judicial remand for consuming sheesha at a café on MM Alam road, Gulberg, Lahore as mentioned in the news of Dawn, 22 July, 2015 but the question is why the police did not arrest the staff of that café who serve sheesha and all other type of these things to attract our young generation? Now, it has become a fashion for our youth to smoke or consume Sheesha or Hookah. It has been causing lung cancer in our younger generation for a long time. It is also pity that Pakistan is on 35th position in drinking from all over the world according to a British company.  It is a very bad news for us as Pakistan is a Muslim country and Wine is strictly not allowed in Islam. A very shocking news about an area named Chungi Amar Sadhu and its secret location in Chungi stop as mentioned in the Dawn Lahore, Wednesday July 22, 2015 in news named “A cesspool and an awami safe haven”.  There is a brick house with a corner which has one brick missing. All drug users can easily go there and give their money and can take their preferred drugs without any hurdle. The question again rises that why we are going on to give space to those people in our society who are doing these illegal works all day and night? Why our police, Army, NGO’s our Government is doing nothing for these types of blackmailers? I appeal to all NGO’S, Health Organizations, Government institutes and Government to take strict notice against these horrible places and issue a strict notice for the ban on all type of drugs industries and companies including heroin, hash or tobacco cigarettes . If we really want to make progress then we should get rid from these things by a light of awareness in our new young generation.

Sketch by David Revoy (France)


David Revoy from France wanted to draw a sketch in a new way
              With ideas full of precious thoughts balanced in a unit of wey

He wanted to draw a girl with a big dragon head up on her shoulder
                He collected all his pencils and sheets in a one big holder

In drawing the tiles skin of the dragon head from side
                He wanted to dispose them in a particular way aside

That’s why he decide to make them around the point of eyes
              The pattern finally obtained was like a spider web in a nice rhyme

Immediately he changed the original idea to a new theme
              By changing the low part of neck of the dragon in a tree like bream

And his eyes on a spider
                    Making a musical instrument as a reminder



Dear friend Shy
Look at the Sky
You’ll see three Stars
In the direction of my Heart
They’re not a part of Great Bear
You can see clearly my Dear!
They always in vertical Angle
Like friends of typical Angel
They look like us to Me
I, You and our Son Zubii
It’s a luckiest sign for our Three
I wish us ē live like this Stars Tree…



Oh My Baby!
You are my Daisy
My cute favorite Flower
Let’s I take you to Shower
Now Listen Baby
There is your daddy
Who is sit on a Berry
He is going to Marry
But you don’t Worry
I’m your Mother
Yours ever Lover
Always remember my Child
These deeds are Mild
He is your Father
Yours super Power
Respect him Anyway
Do well Anyway
I’ll handle everything
Never leave you for anything…